A wonderful showcase of my work as a student.

This is to help showcase my portfolio regarding talent and display my growth in the field of graphic design while learning new skills. I have started small dabbling in Photoshop, Illustrator, and a little bit of Indesign and have tried my hand at HTML and CSS for webpages including some Bootstrap and WordPress. Hopefully, my work speaks to some of my skills and talent. I hope you enjoy it.


Cosiostudios showcases a budding graphic design talent putting their best effort into their work. The tired owl logo represents my struggle with being a night shift being and I figured it would make a good representation on how I go through my life tired and awake at night. I have a wonderful partner that encourages me and I hope this site can showcase some of my work to show my growth.

A tired looking owl with nightcap and dark circles.
Illustrator minimalist work of an alien from student work I did.


I have truly enjoyed my time working in Illustrator so I offer simple illustrated works. I also work in Photoshop with photo editing and have some experience working on basic HTML and CSS for webpages including Bootstrap and WordPress. Please check out some of the projects I did as a student to showcase my talents.


A picture of a misty forest.

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I went to school to study and practice Graphic Design and accordingly I feel I have discovered a style and a calling. However, who knows where the road leads to but I hope you enjoy the journey and enjoy whatever journey you are on.