Night Owl


Our Story

Our little story originated from a want to have delicious baked goods during the nighttime hours. My spouse is a night shift nurse that enjoys baked goods and bringing a smile to her face is one of the greatest things I can do. Unfortunately, the night shift for healthcare and many other professions tends to have extremely limited items that they can enjoy eating. And so NIGHT OWL BAKEHOUSE was born with the intent to give a little baked joy to our late-night populace. Founded only just now I hope to bring a little bit of warm baked goodness to the night shift.

Let's Eat
A delicious double chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing on top.

A selection of delicious hand-baked cakes. Come for a slice or take a whole cake for your coworkers and bring a little joy.

An array of different cookies on a baking sheet.

Warm inviting cookies can put a pep in your step and help you get through your long hours.

A singular vanilla cupcake with colorful frosting and cherry on top.

Whether it is just one or a dozen these delightful cupcakes will help put a smile on your face when tackling those long hours.